File Extension File Type Popularity
OPUS Opus Audio Format Very popular ( 5 / 5 )

How to convert OPUS file?


Files with OPUS file extension are seldom used for music files as the codec was not designed for such usage. Some hardware and software players do not recognized this format at all. In such case user must converts OPUS file to other audio format.

Converting OPUS files is not a lengthy process and many audio software tool support OPUS file conversion to other audio formats. Majority of such tools are available for free or as a shareware. There are also websites that offer online conversion of audio files. Installing plugins or extensions required by such websites is not advised and should be avoided. Also, such websites should be used with caution.

The conversion process is simple. User selects source file or files and chooses target format and directory in which output files are to be saved. When using a website for converting files, user must download output files manually. Converting a single file should not take longer than a minute, sometimes longer depending on the source format and file size. Please notice that sometimes conversion will cause some data loss which will affect audio quality.

Convert OPUS to MP3 or OPUS to OGG

You can use VLC Media Player to convert OPUS to MP3 or OGG file. Below you will find video, when you learn how to do it.